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DUI Factors


First and foremost, the traffic stop. The police need to able to articulate the reasonable suspicion that led to the traffic stop in the first place. If there is no justifiable basis to stop you while driving or make contact with you then the whole case is void. As your lawyer, Mr. Howard starts with the basis for the traffic stop and then works through the other factors of the case to establish your defense.

Other contributing factors as almost too numerous to be listed. As your lawyer, Mr. Howard will investigate every detail relating to your DUI charge. To mount a successful DUI defense your lawyer will need to look at the nature of the traffic stop and whether there was an accident or not. Other questions to address are:

  • Why did the police stop you?
  • Did you perform well on field sobriety tests?
  • Were those field sobriety tests administered properly?
  • Were you given or read your rights to the Implied Consent Law of Tennessee?
  • Was blood drawn?
  • Was the blood sample handled properly?
  • What were the results of the TBI analysis of your blood?
  • Can you have independent testing of the blood?
  • How much had you drunk that day?
  • Had you taken any prescription medications?
  • Had you used other drugs that day?

After looking at all the factors that apply to your DUI charge you start addressing what your needs as a client may be. For instance, some people cannot have a DUI conviction on their record for employment purposes and need a defense that would prevent the conviction for DUI. No matter your situation having a skilled and experienced lawyer represent you is imperative.

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